Jay Malik

This father of 4 came to America in the early 2000s knowing that America was “the land of opportunity”, but that meant something more to him. Jay came to America with a “vision of providing other people opportunities.” He began his career in the wireless industry, starting off in sales at a kiosk, and has paved his way to becoming the CEO of his own wireless company.

Jay is a family-man who loves to travel with his family to any tropical island. While Jay is data-oriented and driven by the process, he is even more passionate about the people that surround him: “For me, when I leave this world…I want to leave something for others, a legacy, a source of income for generations to come.”


Nick Malik

Nick graduated in the Philippines with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering, where he then moved to Pakistan in 2004. Shortly after, he stared at Time Warner where he launched the Cartoon Network, POGO, HBO, and Warner Brothers in Pakistan. 7 years later he moved to the United States where he started his journey with TCC Wireless. He began as a sales executive and has worked his way up to the position of COO. He is no stranger to rapid growth, as he and the TCC Wireless team grew from only a handful of T-Mobile locations to now 300+! He is the father of three teenage sons and has been married for 15 years. Not only does he love spending time with his family, he loves to travel (Bangkok, Thailand is his favorite spot). If you're looking to get on Nick’s good side, talk to him about his favorite action movies.



Eric Tarasievich

Eric received his BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois where he then gained 25+ years’ experience in his industry. At TCC he was brought on to help prepare the company for growth, and that’s just what he did. With Eric on the team, TCC grew to over 300+ stores. Eric loves being with a growing company because, “The growth provides people to be able to work their way up as I did, that’s really the fun part of the job. It’s nice to see people get the same opportunity as I did.” This father of two teenage boys is also a board member for Park Ridge Baseball/Softball. Fun fact: “I’m an accountant.”

VP of Sales & Operations

Danny Soro

Danny has been with the wireless industry for 24 years and has worked with companies such as T-Mobile and Sprint. He has now been with TCC Wireless for almost 3 years as a Director of Sales for the central region. Throughout his time here, he has loved to see how his region and its people have grown. Being a part of the growth journey is something that inspires him. This 6’2” man with LOTS of hair comes from a big family and has “been everywhere” because he loves to travel. He is a big sneaker head and die-hard Chicago sports fan.


VP of Technology

Ala Abutabanjeh

Ala attended Saint Xavier for his master’s degree in computer science. While attending, he also worked as a web developer for the university. In 2011, he started as an IT Technician at TCC where he moved his way up to VP of IT. He is passionate about all thing’s technology and computers, more specifically the Internet of Things. Ala is a family-man and father of two. He would consider himself a homebody, but loves a lot of family fun, they even go strawberry picking! (P.S. Ala is suspected to have IT superpowers)

VP of People and Engagement

Shahrooz “Rooz’ster” Eslahi

From Miami to Puerto Rico to Chicago, Rooster has accumulated over 20 years of retail experience throughout his career. As the VP of People and Engagement, the journey of personal growth is something that he holds near to his heart. He is a firm believer that people are the greatest resource and asset a company has, that’s why he puts the people of TCC Wireless first with everything he does. This gamer boy loves sci-fi, more specifically “Star Trek and Star Wars (in that order).” Like much of the TCC Wireless team, Rooster is also a foodie! He loves a good lasagna almost as much as he loves his family. P.S. He also has an amazing signature pose.


Director of Sales & Operations

Joe Regalado

Joe began his retail career in 2002 as a full-time sales associate and has held a multitude of positions throughout his time in the industry. Joe joined the TCC family in 2019 where he has since thrived. Outside of work, Joe loves to spend time with his wife-Jackie and their four bulldogs Pancakes, Rocky, MJ and Kobe. Joe loves to travel, might have a semi-problem collecting sports memorabilia. He is an avid Chicago Sports fan (even with the pain that comes with it).

Director of Sales and Operations

Ryan Kennedy

Ryan began his retail career when he was just 16 years old. He’s spent over 18 years between Best Buy and T-Mobile and hasn’t looked back. Since joining the TCC family in 2019 Ryan has excelled into his role today as director of sales and operations in the West Region. Ryan has a strong passion for his people and is constantly striving to push his team to their max potential. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his wife, 3 kids & 2 dogs. You can be sure that cooking, cigars & golf are all a strong part of his personal time when he’s with both family and friends.


Director of Sales and Operations.

Mario Jackson

Mario started his retail career over 20 years ago at Best Buy as a part-time High School kid! Mario fell in love with the opportunity to provide world-class experiences to customers, and even more importantly, the opportunity to train, coach, develop, and lead high performing teams! He then transitioned into the Wireless Industry, taking his talents to the Magenta side with T-Mobile where he was able to move up from Retail Store Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director. 

Mario is extremely grateful for the opportunity to join the TCC & JM Wireless Family as Director of Sales & Operations, Metro!

Director of Finance

Jeff Soske

Jeff has been in retail for 25 years, and is a master in the consumer electronics industry. People development is something he has excelled at throughout his career. Working with other leaders to help them accomplish both their personal and professional goals is the most rewarding part of process for Jeff.

Jeff was born and raised in Chicago and currently resides in the western suburbs with his family and their three magnificent dogs: Payton, Leo and Jack.

Fun fact: "Every day of my life is filled with dog hair, I live in a dog hair blizzard... No seriously- it like snows dog hair." - Jeff Soske


VP of Operations & Business Development

Ayyaz Rizvi

Ayyaz is a distinguished professional acclaimed for his profound expertise in Marketing, Operations, and Business Development, excelling in leadership roles across multiple industries. He thrives on challenges, viewing them as opportunities to innovate and enhance business outcomes.
His career highlights include transforming emerging businesses through deep market insight and effective strategic execution. Ayyaz is adaptable across various business models and market conditions, including call centers and virtual retail.
Ayyaz is also a devoted family man who cherishes dining out with his loved ones. His professional journey includes a stint in London, where he developed a passion for football (referred to as soccer in the US). As an ardent Manchester United supporter, he rarely misses their matches.

Director Strategy & Business Development

Zain Malik

Zain Malik, son of Jay Malik, is a dedicated professional with a robust background in business development and strategy. A graduate of DePaul University with a major in these fields, Zain has built a career marked by significant achievements. Since 2020, he has been an integral part of TCC Wireless, where he currently serves as the Director of Strategy & Business Development. His tenure at TCC Wireless has highlighted his versatility and expertise in overseeing both financial operations and strategic projects.
Prior to joining TCC Wireless, Zain acquired valuable experience in investment management, refining his analytical skills and deepening his understanding of market dynamics. Recently, he has developed a passion for strategic initiatives and organizational growth. As a versatile professional, he spearheads many of the organization's emerging initiatives, showcasing his ability to drive innovation and success.
Beyond his professional life, Zain is passionate about boxing and staying fit at the gym. He is also a devoted pet owner, deeply fond of his two cherished dogs.


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