This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the TCC Wireless website and our apps (including our Web, iOS, and Android apps).


We DO NOT collect any sort of user’s personal information using any foreground or background activities.

Login Credentials:

  • At the time of Login, you will be asked to enter your “Login Credentials”, which we will ONLY use for logging in purposes.
  • We DO NOT send any promotional emails to our users


  • We use cookies on the site and similar tokens in the app to keep you logged in. Our server software may also store basic technical information, such as your IP address, in temporary memory or logs.

Ads & User Analytics:

  • We NEITHER display any ads NOR collect any user analytics.


We DO NOT collect any sort of user data, however; the user might submit their data.

  • We DO NOT share any user’s personal information with outside parties (to the extent essential to achieve our internal business processes).
  • The submitted information will be used for the user’s profile creation.
  • The submitted information will be used to link it with the user’s profile, to keep it maintained, and to run our internal business processes.


We apply a bunch of security measures to keep the user’s information safe and secure. Some of them are as follows;.

  • We use Secured Protocols (HTTPS), for all the communication with the Apps and Website
  • We Hashed passwords using industry-standard methods.


Under applicable privacy law, you have the following rights in respect of your personal information that we hold;

  • The user HAS complete access to his/her information.
  • As an employer, we reserve the right to modify or delete a user's information. And users CAN NOT alter or delete their information. However, the user can contact us for any modification or deletion of their personal information.


Information/Data may be processed, stored, and used outside of the country in which you are located. Data privacy laws vary across jurisdictions, and different laws may apply to your data depending on where it is processed, stored, or used.


By using our Website or App(s), the user gives us their consent for this Privacy Policy.


If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, you can email us ([email protected]) . We would love to answer it.


If we decide to update our Privacy Policy, we will post it on our platforms. So, you will not miss the update(s).

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